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Desktop Toys
Desktop Toys app is a brand new way to have fun on your Mac.
Desktop Toys is a box of toys right on your desktop. The toys follow all the laws of physics and can interact. Each toy has unique features, sounds and behavior. Add toys from the box, put them together in different arrangements and enjoy the application to the fullest!
Desktop Toys
Desktop Toys will help you:
- practice your logic and develop imagination while you put together large and complicated arrangements;
- have great fun;
- get off work and relax for a few moments;
- entertain your child.
Desktop Toys
Kids will absolutely love Desktop Toys. The application helps develop imagination, creative and analytical thinking while it engages and entertains.
Desktop Toys
The first app version will have 95 different toys divided into 6 categories: Sports, Music, Blocks, War, Fun and Other. Desktop Toys has everything you played with while your were a kid: cars, trains, balls, blocks, gears, toy soldiers and dolls.
Desktop Toys
We are extending our current sets and working on a new theme sets. You’re welcome to submit your suggestions to add new toys on the app’s official website.
Desktop Toys
Play, enjoy, be creative!

Desktop Toys Video
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  • Road To Skeleton
  • Piggy Attacked

  • Bomb Music

  • Taff Shot
  • Pail Jump
  • Perpetuum Gears
  • Bulletproof Balloons
  • Bomb Rain
  • Deadly Gears
  • Flying Car
  • Tennis Scores
  • Dominoes Coming Soon

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